Autom Robot for help with your Weight Loss?

Autom Robot for Weight LossEvery hour on the hour on a daily basis you will hear of a new product that is “Guaranteed” to help you lose weight but most of these products are always some tablets or a so-called meal plan that will cut calories viciously but never have we heard of a robot that will do practically the same thing for you if you have $865 to get it that is.

It is called the Autom Robot, it is a 15-inch tall talking robot that comes with a few features such as an LCD touchscreen display which is used to input data on calories which you consume as well as the amount of exercise that you perform daily. According to developer Cory Kidd, Autom is more successful than phone- or Web-based apps when it comes to the battle of the bulge simply because there is a “psychological difference” which concerns a machine that sports a head, blinking eyes, and body.

The Autom Robot works depending on your performance and what you put into your body, what it does is respond with customized advice and encouragement to help boost and motivate the user. It also comes with the option for you to download new speech patterns from the internet if you get tired of the pre-loaded speech pattern. In our conclusion after read all its specification, we think it is way too expensive for such simply functions, I would rather get the Wii Sport and save over two hundred bucks. Check out the video of the Autom Robot in action below:

Source: Cnet

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