AviiQ Ready Clips

AViiQ Ready Clips Eliminates Tangles

AviiQ Ready Clips
If tangled cables really get the best of you then all you need is the AViiQ Ready Clips. The Ready Clips are cables that you use with your electronics on a daily basis but they were redesigned to be portable, compact, slim and tangle-free unlike the conventional cables.

The cables were designed to be carried like a pen and are also sized to match the stand pen size of 5.5-inches. They also have a clip that allows the user to securely clip the cable to their pockets just like they would with a pen.

These pen-sized cables features a standard USB plug on one end, and a choice ranging from a mini USB, a micro USB, or an Apple 30-pin connector on the other.

The ultra-portable AViiQ Ready Clips are now available from it’s creator’s website and are priced at between 19.99 to $29.99.

[via: AViiQ]

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