Barack Obama uses a Mac and a Blackberry Phone

Barack Obama uses a Mac
Here is a very interesting fact that you didn’t know about the United States 44th president, according to telegraph’s post on 50 facts about Barack Obama, he uses a Mac. LOL quite some interesting fact huh. Sad to say he doesn’t use an iPhone though, and according the writer of this article over at wiredthe iPhone has as many holes as a worn-out pair of Vans slip-ons.” so we don’t have to worry about the president’s phone being hacked and his important text messages and e-mails in the hands of the wrong persons.

Happy to report that he is a Blackberry guy like me, I use a Blackberry Pearl, soon update to a Storm. So Mr. President elect what model blackberry you have? Maybe we can PIN message each other sometime. Let me know what you think. (smile)

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