Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch eReader

Barnes & Noble NOOK Touchscreen eReader
Like Kobo, Barnes & Noble has also announced its touch-based NOOK eReader. The new NOOK eReader comes with a 6-inch eInk Pearl Display with full touchscreen functions, it features an all new ultra-light frame and an improved battery life which should deliver up to 2 months of reading from one single charge. It comes with WiFi connectivity and the capacity to hold up to 1000 ebooks. When compared to the previous version from Barnes & Noble, the Touch NOOK weighs only 7.48oz which makes it 35% lighter and 15% thinner than previous models. It also comes with the LendMe functionality as previous models plus whoever buys the new NOOK Touchscreen eReader gets free WiFi access at over 24,000 AT&T Hotspots nationwide. The new NOOK Touch is presently being pre-ordered and is priced at $139.

Source: Barnes & Noble

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