Batmobile up for grabs with a $1 Million price tag

If you are an extreme Batman fan, then we know you have always dreamt of following in his footsteps, well you can start by acquiring a Batmobile. An extreme fan of the Batman franchise with some extreme skills has made five of the very Batmobile that looks exactly like the original from Nolan Batman films, and they are all up for grabs for a cool million.

real life batmobileYou don’t have to worry because they are all operational and street ready as well. These Batmobile comes equipped with an LS1 engine firing on eight (8) cylinders and custom everything: chassis, frame, windows and doors. The Batmobile cruises around on 44-inch super swamper tires with custom rims which should take your mind off the fact that it comes with an automatic transmission.

The Batmobile replica also comes equipped with GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and connections for your iPhone/iPod and a built-in disc drive that reads both CD and DVD, too bad they didn’t put a blu-ray reader instead. Just looking at the images gives me goose bumps, there are only 5 of these Batmobile replicas available so if you plan on getting one please move fast.

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