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Bean Loader App for Windows Released

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Punch Through Design, a software development firm just announced that the first ever wireless Arduino programming app for Windows users has been released. The app is aimed at Windows-based developers can easily upload code to their LightBlue Bean.

The new app allows developers to be program and upload while on the go and upload without needing cables or a physical connection to the LightBlue Bean. The full-featured app, available from the Windows Store, fills a void for Windows-based developers and DIY’ers looking to create smartphone-controlled devices.

Features include:

  • Wireless programming of Arduino sketches to the LightBlue Bean
  • Wireless Bean firmware updates
  • BLE serial communication monitor and logger
  • Ability to read and log the on-board accelerometer, temperature and LED status
  • Easy configuration of the Bean as an iBeacon
  • Ability to protect Beans with BLE pairing pin security
  • Easy access to firmware version, Arduino power state, battery level and on-board sketch name
  • Developed to work well with touchscreen-enabled Windows devices including the Surface Pro

LightBlue Beans are also a favorite of professional developers that leverage the LightBlue platform to take their prototypes to production. This approach allows re-use of Bean functionality, but with a custom form factor and quantity optimized price.

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