Beats Music selling subscriptions from its iOS App

Beats Music has started selling subscription online via its iOS App. The company has been offering its app for iOS for sometime now which enables users to listen to the service on their mobile phone. However the app didn’t allow users to buy a subscription to the service, because Apple normally keeps 30% of all subscription fee and sales made from the App Store.

beats musicWell Beats has decided to go ahead and start selling subscriptions from app and use the iTunes billing system to pay for a subscription. Even though they have to share a portion of their revenue with Apple, Beats CEO Ian Rogers says that the decision to offer subscriptions via the app was easy.

He went on the explain that over half of the subscribers to Beats Music use iPhones. He also explain that its more difficult to sell subscription if you are not doing it from the app. It is uncertain if the subscription fee with remain the same on the app.

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