Belkin HD Bluetooth Music Receiver for Wireless Streaming

Belkin has just announced its new accessory that works with any Bluetooth equipped smartphone, computer, or tablet and allows wireless streaming of audio to any home stereo system or speakers.

The new Belkin HD Bluetooth Music Receiver utilizes Bluetooth technology with a range of 30-foot range to stream music from your device to your speakers and it also comes with several output options.
Belkin HD Bluetooth Music ReceiverThe Belkin HD Bluetooth Music Receiver also supports digital coaxial, digital optical, as well as a 3.5mm to RCA connectivity. The device also comes equipped with an integrated NFC chip enabling the device to do touch pairing with smartphones, tablets or laptops with NFC technology inside.

The Belkin HD has the ability to be paired with up to 8 devices at the same time plus it is also compatible with the free Belkin BT app allowing Android devices to use the tap and play functionality of the receiver.

It is now available from Belkin online store or from Verizon Wireless locations for the price of $59.99

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