Belkin intros iPhone 4 Cases

After the first officially announcement of the Apple iPhone 4, Belkin has also announced its range of cases for the iPhone 4. These cases will be available in different styles including slim cases that are easy to grip, shield cases for better protection, leather cases and armbands. There are six cases in the Grip Series including the Grip Ergo (F8Z626tt) – $24.99, Grip Ergo with Strap (F8Z624tt) – $24.99, Grip Groove Duo (F8Z625tt2) – $24.99, Grip Graphix (F8Z627tt) – $24.99, Grip Vue (F8Z642tt) – $24.99 and the Grip Edge (F8Z639tt) – $29.99. They will be available in a variety of colors and will protect your new iPhone. Then there are the Fit Armbands, Verve Cases and Shield Cases ranging between $24.99 – $39.99.

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