Belkin Qode iPad Air Keyboard Cases Unveiled

With Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) unveiling its new iPad Air Tablet at its media event recently, we should start seeing releases for related accessories. Belkin was one of the first companies to unveil new iPad Air accessory even before the device was announced. Belkin revealed its Qode iPad Air Keyboard case weeks before Apple released the actual tablet.

Belkin iPad AccessoriesThe Belkin Qode iPad Air Keyboard cases were designed to boost productivity while using the iPad Air, according to the manufacturer, the QODE keyboard cases make your tablet so functional, your laptop will be jealous. So whether you are a blogger, working, shopping or simply sending an email, the Qode will simplify your life.

It will be available in three different styles; the Ultimate Case which is Extremely thin and light, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy is used on both sides of the keyboard for a premium feel and durable screen protection, it has magnets to hold the tablet in a variety of comfortable viewing angles and goes for $129.99.

The Thin Type Case features an Anodized aluminum unibody cover, Extremely thin design for easy portability and Smart sensing technology turns keyboard on or off. It supports Bluetooth 4 connectivity which allows the user to wirelessly connect the iPad Air to the keyboard. The iPad Air Bluetooth keyboard will stay charged for up to 79 hours active battery life and up to 3,100 hours standby battery life. It can be recharged with the included micro USB cable.

The Slim Type is an easy-to-use keyboard with well-spaced and responsive keys, Slim, lightweight case creates a solid work surface anywhere, choose from multiple viewing angles for comfortable use and goes for the market suggest price of $79.99. Belkin will start accepting pre-order for all three different versions on November 1st..

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