Belkin unveiled two new Smart Cover Cases for the Apple iPad 2

Belkin Snap Shield Secure CaseYesterday (Sept 27, 2011) Belkin announced its two new Smart Cover Cases that are compatible with the Apple iPad 2 Tablet, they are named the Belkin Snap Shield Secure and the Emerge 024 Cases. Both cases are from the company’s best-selling Snap Shield lineup and they were designed specially to work with the Apple Smart Cover.

The Belkin Snap Shield Secure Case is a thin and translucent case that snaps to the back of the iPad 2 tablet and provides streamlined protection while showcasing the device’s design elements. It case was also integrated with a steel strip that holds the Smart Cover flat against the case when it is opened. It will protect the tablet from wears without added the bulk like other cases, it is already available for purchase on the company’s website and Amazon for a retail price of approximately $40.

Belkin Emerge 024
The Belkin Emerge 024 on the other hand features a unique design with a perforated pattern and also comes with four colored inserts to coordinate with the Smart Cover. Like the Translucent Snap Sheild Secure case, the Emerge 024 also snaps onto the back of iPad 2 and it also has a soft-to-the-touch finish. The Belkin Emerge 024 is also available on Belkin’s website and Amazon for the price of $40.

We have requested samples of the cases from the manufacturer which we would like to review and afterward include into our weekly giveaway coming up in the last week of October, 2011.

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