Belkin’s Fashion iPod Nano Cases

Belkin Fashion iPod Nano Cases
Belkin is no new name when it comes to pimping an iPod with cool iPod accessories and this time around they have came with some real protection for the iPod Nano 4G with some fresh Fashion iPod Nano Cases.

The new Belkin line of iPod Nano 4G cases offers a variety of vibrant colors and protection at the same time, you get to keep your bright colors without worrying about scratches. The new cases includes the Micra and Fuse Cases which are clear with a subtle graphical detail, reflect the re-emerging iconic checkerboard design and bold color trends of the 1980s. The Micra is break down into sub-categories with the Micra Glam (F8Z421-SPK), Micra Dusk (F8Z421-SMK), Micra Chex (F8Z421-019) and the Micra Flow (F8Z421-CNT) going for $19.99 per single case and $24.99 for a pack of 2. The Fuse (F8Z423) cases goes for $24.99.

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