Bendable Smartphone Concept by Jeabyun Yeon

If you have ever wondered, What if my Smartphone could bend into a Smart Watch? Well you aren’t the only one with the idea, as earlier this year, South Korean designer Jeabyun Yeon showcased his concept for a bendable smartphone that could transform into a watch.

Flex Phone Concept
The concept measures only a mere 6.1-millimeters thick and would be able to flex, so you could easily transform your smartphone into a wrist watch and it would still be full operational while on your wrist. The designer believes that his concept could be turned into an actual product, he reveals that it could be made from TPU (a plastic and silicon hybrid) and high-polymer materials.

Well we’re not saying this isn’t possible at all, because it was revealed a while back that Samsung is working on producing displays that could be made from flexible plastic which could be bend and if successful this could bring a whole new generation of flexible smartphones, tablets and other devices.

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