BenQ EW2420, VW2420(H) and VW2220(H) VA LED Monitors

BenQ has announced the world’s first Vertical Alignment (VA) panel LED monitors, EW and the VW series. The lineup includes the 24-inch EW2420, the 24-inch VW2420(H) and the 21.5-inch VW2220(H) which are all based on VA 8-bit panel.

According to the company, the VA LED-based panels has better color reproduction, an ultra high contrast ratio, display blacks more accurately because of its capability to produce true black with zero bright dot (ZBD) and able to minimize light leakage. Notable specs on all the models includes, all three features Full HD resolution, they also has LED-backlight displays, a 3000:1 contrast ratio, Senseye Human vision Technology and a 178/178-degree viewing angle.

The VW2420(H) and VW2220(H) both offer DVI, D-sub, HDMI 1.3 and headphone jack while the EW2420 has DVI-D, two HDMI, D-sub, four USB ports, line-in, headphone jack and built-in 1.5Wx2 speakers.

Source: BenQ

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