BenQ G920WL and G922HDL LED Monitors

BenQ G920WL and G922HDL
The BenQ G920WL and G922HDL are two new model of LED Monitor which are apart of its G-Series. The BenQ G920WL comes with a 19-inch LED 1440×900 display that has a 16:10 aspect ratio while the BenQ G922HDL comes with a 18.5-inch LED 1366×768 display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and is also the world’s first LED display in the 18.5-inch W segment.

These are LED monitors boast lowest power consumption rating in their respective size categories, the BenQ G920WL and G922HDL exhibit zero light leakage and offers a 5 million:1 contrast ratio. It also has BenQ’s Senseye 3 Human Vision Technology which offers the user a one-touch optimization of image richness, clarity, and depth using preset modes.

There is also an Eco Mode which make the BenQ G920WL and G922HDL some really great “Green Gadgets”. The BenQ G920WL consumes less than 60% of CCFL displays of the same screen size, while the BenQ G922HDL consumes approximately 43% less than regular CCFL displays of the same size form. Both models have D-Sub and DVI and won’t be available till November 2009

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