BenQ S1420 14-Megapixel Digital Camera

BenQ S1420 Digital Camera
BenQ introduced its new 14-Megapixel S1420 Digital Camera which has been scheduled for release on selected markets including China and the Asia Pacific in late December 2010 and for Latin America and Europe in early January 2011. The S1420 comes with features such as Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S), Anti-shake technology and a 5x optical zoom with a 26mm wide angle. Other than snapping 14-megapixel quality photos, the S1420 also comes with the ability to video 720p HD videos as well. It has a ISO sensitivity of up to 6400 and a full range of shooting modes. The BenQ S1420 comes in vibrant orange color and a metallic casing. No pricing information has been found on the new Digital Camera.

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