Bentley playing with the idea of a Hybrid Vehicle

Bentley has took the wrapping paper off its latest concept which will be placed on a pedestal at the upcoming Beijing International Auto Show on the 20th of April.

bentley hybrid engineThe new Bentley Hybrid Concept is based off the company’s flagship Bentley Mulsanne luxury sedan, with the exterior and interior both enhanced by copper styling features, which highlight the car’s electrical story. This includes copper details to the headlamps, brake calipers and badges, and interior copper accents including inserts to the cabin’s hand-crafted veneers, copper cross-stitching and instrument inserts.

The new hybrid concept luxury car will also feature a new hybrid engine which will reduce CO2 emissions by around 70 percent and will boost power by about 25 percent. In addition to the new luxury concept vehicle, Bentley will also show off their new ‘powerful and efficient’ power train, that will launch in the 2017 Bentley SUV, and should be available across it’s range of vehicles.

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