Best Buy to Match Online Retailers Prices this Holiday Season

During the holiday, online retailers made most of the holiday cash since everyone is now purchasing from the convenience of their homes and somehow online retailers like Amazon always sell the products for cheaper prices.

Well retail chain, Best Buy has came up with a way to cash in this holiday season by matching any prices you see products for online. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that during this holiday season, Best Buy will be matching their prices against online retailers like Amazon and others.
Best Buy StoreThe company decided to take this step in an effort to stop what they call “showrooming”, a process where people come to try products out before going back home and buying them online. Best Buy says showrooming isn’t a big issue, since 40% of their customers leave with a product, but its an issue they have to address.

The report also states that Best Buy could also be offering free home delivery on items that are out of stock, in an effort to keep their loyal customers from shopping at online retail stores.

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