BestPower X200 iPod Mobile Phone

BestPower X200 iPod Phone
I have seen many iPhone mockup phones but I have never seen an iPod mockup mobile phone. Best Power, a Shenzhen-based company presents the BestPower X200 iPod-look-a-like Mobile Phone.

The BestPower X200 doesn’t just the a body design that looks like the Apple iPod, it also got an iPod Looking Interface. The X200 features a 300×240 touchscreen display, Yamaha audio chipset, dual SIM capability, a camera capable of taking photos and recordings, an FM Radio, support for GSM quad-band and a battery that offers a whopping 15 hours of talk time and up to 120 hours of standby.

I really don’t think that this will ever be available for purchase in the United States, however it may get here.

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