Bionic Hand which provides Sense of Touch To Patients

Medical Technology has been delivering some amazing advances throughout the years, we have gotten to the stages where man can now run on blades for legs in the Olympics games and now scientist have developed a Bionic Hand that will allow an amputee to have a sense of touch.

bionic arm to be transplantedOver the weekend, the report was published which highlights the first bionic hand which would allow an amputee to feel what they are touching. The hand is expected to be transplanted into a 20-something year old patient living in Rome.

The patients is expected to under-go a surgery where the hand will be connected to the nervous system, and the doctors are hoping the patient is then able to control the hand’s movements as well as receive touch signals from skin sensors installed on the hand.

Hopefully the procedure will be a successful one so more amputees can benefit from this new advance in Medical Technology.

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