Bird Two

Bird Next-Gen Electric Scooter delivers improved Battery performance

Bird just unveiled its plans to release the Bird Two electric scooter. Bird Two is the brand’s second-generation electric scooter designed to be more durable, smarter, longer-lasting, and powerful.

Most major improvements to the next-gen electric e-scooter is a new battery that delivers better performance and lasts longer. The new integrated industry-leading battery should deliver well over 50 percent more capacity than the previous model and will even operate in a variety of temperatures.

Shared e-scooter companies are in a constant struggle to turn a profit ever since shared e-vehicles burst onto the scene. The companies aim to recoup the cost of each e-vehicle before they can start turning a profit.

Therefore, an e-scooter with longer lifespan increases the chance for the company recoup the overhead cost of each unit way before the need to repair the unit.

Bird Two e-Scooter will be released this fall. The new electric scooter will only be added to the company’s fleet of e-scooters.

What new features come with the Bird Two e-scooter?

Bird didn’t release any specifications of the new e-scooter, however, they gave a general summary of the new features.

Bird Two Electric Scooter

Bird Two integrates smart sensors intended to lower vandalisms and issues that cause depreciation. The new scooter comes equipped with self-reporting damage sensors that signal the company when a unit is damaged.

This will help to get damaged scooters off the street faster and into the hands of Bird’s mechanics.

Devices will be pre-loaded with anti-encryption software which deters theft and protection from malicious hacks.

Also, the Bird Two scooter will get puncture-proof tires and an anti-tipping kickstand, hopefully, will lower the number of scooters lying on sidewalks in cities all over America.

Once rolled out you may notice a few design changes as well. Bird Two will feature seamless screws. Normally exposed screws cause painful injuries and make vandalism easier.

[Source: Bird]

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