Blackberry 10 ads appear in the New York Times

New York Times Blackberry 10 adRIM has announced to launch the Blackberry 10 platform in January of 2013, and it looks like the Canadian company is kicking off things into gear by launching a series of advertisements in the New York Times. An excerpt of the newspaper posted above, shows an ad with the Blackberry 10’s virtual keyboard, claiming it to be fast, accurate and effortless.

RIM has also released ads that boast about the platform’s time shift camera mode, and the Blackberry 10 Hub. These recently released ads will probably not be last we’ll see, so hopefully RIM will unveil more down the road. The new Blackberry 10 L-series which is really being anticipated in its imminent launch has already made an appearance in a video where it is compared against the iPhone 5 and the Dev Alpha B device.

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