BlackBerry could face $1.5 Million Fine in Indonesia over BBM Outages

It’s has always been a good thing to many BBM users that all their messages and emails pass through BlackBerry’s servers and that the company has very secure servers, but the only problem with the service is that BlackBerry must always ensure that their servers are up and running 100% of the time, which is not the case.

BBM IconAs we have seen in the past, once the servers go down, features of the phone and operating system are pretty much useless and its only purpose is use of its calling option. Thanks to several BBM outages in the past month, it seems that Indonesia’s government is not too pleased with BlackBerry and the country’s telecoms regulator has had enough and are now proposing that BlackBerry be fined $0.10 per subscriber, if the service is out for more than four hours.

Indonesia has approximately 15 million BlackBerry subscribers, and with a fine of $0.10 per subscriber BlackBerry would have to fork out about $1.5 million in fine. The proposal is suggesting that the fine not be paid out in cash, but rather refunded to Indonesian customers in terms of phone credit. There are some who are criticizing the government for this aggressive stance, saying that the government is only acting this way due to BlackBerry not providing them with local servers which are said to be used to help monitor criminal activity.

[Source: Ubergizmo]

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