BlackBerry dropped plans to release more BB10 devices

If you are a owner of any BlackBerry 10 smartphones, cherish the time you have with it as it might be the last smartphone you see from the platform.

BlackBerry 10Approximately one year ago the Canadian-based company launched the new platform in six different cities around the world, the BlackBerry 10 platform was finally released on the company’s Z10 and the Q10. However, both devices failed to make a mark in the smartphone market, then they later released the BlackBerry Z30 which also didn’t do any damages.

It then became clear early in the year that BlackBerry’s new devices weren’t going to be a success, and it appears that the company realize themselves that its platform would be receiving an early retirement, because they themselves cancelled plans to release two more devices in 2013.

The Wall Street Journal discovered this information buried deep inside the SEC filings that the company made after revealing its Q3, 2013 fiscal results, a quarter where it lost $4.4 billion. The company said that it cancelled the launch “to mitigate the identified inventory risk.”:

[Source: Wall Street Journal]

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