BlackBerry Magnum Smartphone aka Blackberry Dakota

Blackberry Magnum
Hey fans there is a new Blackberry Smartphone in town by the name of the Blackberry Magnum which is also known as the Blackberry Dakota. This new Blackberry packs a hardware QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen at the same time which I think is quite convenient, so if your touchscreen should go, you will still have the capability to make and receive calls.

It is powered by a 624 MHz CPU similar to what the Bold 9700 runs, pack GPS receiver, 3G with HSDPA and Wi-Fi. I really think the photo which has been circulating on the internet is a which is posted above is definitely a prototype of the magnum as it has no trackball or trackpad, so how would the user navigate?

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  1. My gf had a Samsung she bought while she was in the UK and within two weeks after getting back, the touch wouldn’t work and ever since that happened I have been kinda unsure about full touch phones. I am from Jamaica, when you get a handset from any of the three carriers here, if something goes wrong they don’t really replace it, so to be on the safe side I stay away from phones like that.

    In January i was in Florida and I wanted a BlackBerry Storm so bad, i went into the store and came out with a Javelin instead. Now i think i should have gotten the storm because all the ppl i know that has the storm has no problem like that, so a touch blackberry gonna be my next handset.

  2. In reading it, that’s not how it comes across. I don’t think many consumers buy touchscreen phones thinking “what if the screen stops functioning”…. I have a storm 2 and realize that if I have an expensive paperweight should the screen stop working as its supposed too. I’m sure RIM hasn’t thought about a track ball/pad for “just in case”, if manufacturers worried about that don’t you think apple would rethink the iPhone or Motorola would change the design of the upcoming droid x? Companies don’t anticipate catastrophic failure like that… That’s what a warantee is for.

  3. Actually Chris, I had 2 Samsung Touchscreen handsets which stop working in Just a month after i bought them, so I was actually thinking what if the same thing happened to this, it will just be like any of those 2 handsets. I hope you get my point.

  4. Dee duh dee….

    They navigate the way you navigate on any other touchscreen phone…. That was hard to figure out.

    I need some tylenol now….

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