Blackberry Monza surfaces in Dubai for $1,500

Blackberry MonzaThe Blackberry Monza which is also known as the Blackberry Storm 3 or Touch as it has been listed online has surfaced in Dubai on a site that is similar to craigslist called Dubizzle. The unreleased phone is somewhat a exclusive item at the moment so that must be the reason it is being sold for the price of $1500 which is 5,500 dirhams, their currency.

For that price, the user will be getting a smartphone that features a 3.7-inch touchscreen display, it packs a 1.2GHz Qualcomm Processor, a 5-megapixel camera with video recording and it runs the Blackberry OS 7.0. This price is definitely too steep for the likes of me but for those tycoons and mogul extracting all that oil, that should be a few pennies for them. According to the listing, it is still in its original packaging but as it is an unreleased device it comes with no warranty.

Source: Dubizzle & Phonearena

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