Blue HTC One M8 Press Shot Leaked

We have heard of the HTC One M8 arriving in various shades including blue, pink and red, however we didn’t get a glimpse of any of these until infamous leakster @evleaks upload this eye catching colored version. The HTC One M8 stands out as an attractive device in blue!

HTC One M8
The colored versions of the HTC One M8 are tipped to be announced and launched sometime in the near future. However, it’s being said that not all carriers will be getting all three color versions of the HTC One M8, so before you fall too deep in love with any of these colors wait to see if your carrier will be getting this version.

There’s no word on which carrier will be getting the beautiful blue HTC One M8 leaked by @evleaks. She say the red version with the Verizon Wireless logo, so its pretty clear which carrier you will be able to get that one from. If we receive any information about any carriers that will be getting the blue version, we will keep you updated.

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