Blue Rabbit to release Kids Textbook for Home

Textbook for Home SeoulBlue Rabbit was at the 27th Seoul International EDUCARE 2012 Fall which was held from 15th November to 18th, where they introduced a number of kids books which included the Kids Textbook for Home. Kids Textbook for Home was developed specially for children over 2 years old, it comes equipped with 8 kinds sets and through varied educational tools children can learn many things like classification, comparison and others.

According to the company, the main focus of the new Kids Textbook for home is to promote kids brain activities and helps children recognize the concept of Number. They recommend that parents of children over 2 years get this product as it will help them to become better teachers for their kids.

Kids Textbook for HomeThe book was being showcased at the event in Seoul, South Korea but there’s no mention if it would be available in other countries and in other languages.

[Via: Aving]

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