BlueAnt Q2 Platinum Edition Bluetooth Headset

BlueAnt Q2 Platinum Bluetooth Headset Launched
BlueAnt Wireless has announced its Platinum Edition of its Q2 Bluetooth Headset which doesn’t carry any new features, just the same features as available on the original version of the Q2 which includes dual microphones, voice-control technology, Wind Armour technology, Text Message Readout and Text-To-Speech functions. There is also an Android Application which is available that enables the headset to be connected to any Android 2.0 and up smartphones to play text messages through the headset.

There are also other features including Microsoft’s Bing 411 service for access to stock quotes, movie times, weather and other news updates as well. The BlueAnt Q2 Platinum Edition is presently available for a price of $129, online at

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