BlueAnt Q3 Bluetooth Headset goes for $99

BlueAnt Q3 Bluetooth HeadsetBlueAnt has announced the availability of its new Q3 Bluetooth Headset which can now be found both online and in retail stores nationwide with a price tag of $99. The new Q3 headset utilizes Bluetooth 3.0 technology allowing to user to have hands-free conversations while on the go.

The BlueAnt Q3 features Multipoint for connecting two phones at the same time. It also supports Siri and Google Voice Actions integration allowing users to send messages, get direction and use other supported functions with a double tap of the command button.

BlueAnt Q3The device also have the ability to announce the names of callers and also allows the user to use voice commands to manage the calls, with commands such as ‘Answer’ or ‘Ignore’. The guys over at BlueAnt also added its Wind Armour Technology to ensure clear communication in wind speeds of up to 22 miles per hour, so its an ideal device for cyclist and bikers.

BluAnt’s Q3 comes with an internal battery that last up to 7 hours on active conversations or up to 180 hours of standby time. The Q3 is now available and goes for $99 bucks, you can also get the previous model, the BlueAnt Q2 for about $45.

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