Bluetrek MusiCALL clip Stereo Bluetooth headset

Bluetrek MusiCALL clip Stereo Bluetooth headset
Bluetrek out of Hong Kong has announced the availabilty of its MusiCALL clip stereo bluetooth headset. The headset comes with a 3.5 audio jack which enables the user to connect a headphone to listen music stored on a bluetooth-enabled device. The MusiCALL offers superb music without the need of wires, it measures 43x34x14mm and without the headphones it weighs 15g so it is ultra-portable and will fit into your pocket.

It also features a few advances in technology including its NoiseLock noise cancellation technology, wind and echo cancellation for clear conversations while on a call and it supports AVRCP Bluetooth Profile. It has built-in buttons that allows the user to pause, play, mute calls, transfer calls and control tracks without touching the device connected to the MusiCALL. As for multi use it can be connected with your mobile and music player at the same time. It will be available in the colors of Blue and Red for a price of $69.99.

Bluetrek MusiCALL clip Stereo Bluetooth

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