BMW i Pedelec Concept Electric Bike

BMW i Pedelec Concept Electric Bicycle

BMW i Pedelec Concept
We have seen quite a few electric concept vehicles from BMW and here they go again, showing off another electric powered concept device, the BWM i Pedelec which is a bicycle that runs on electricity.

According to BMW, the i Pedelec is a high tech form of transport, and it is made from a range of advanced components which includes front and rear disc brakes, the bicycle has a lightweight frame which was constructed from carbon fiber a material which carry features such as high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion.

Because the electric hub motor only assists the rider’s pedalling up to 25 km/h (16 mph), the BMW i Pedelec Concept does not need to be insured or registered, no licence is required to use it, and the rider does not have to wear a helmet. Depending on the nature of the route, rider’s weight and degree of motor assistance utilised, a full battery charge will give a range of 25 – 40 kilometres (16 – 25 miles). Under braking and when riding downhill, the hub motor acts as a generator and supplies the battery with energy. It takes just four hours – or 1.5 hours on a quick charge – for the empty battery to be fully recharged, either from a domestic plug socket or inside the boot of the BMW i3 Concept.

BMW i Pedelec Concept Electric Bike
The bike comes with a high performance battery and an electronic management system, the bicycle can be folded away for easy storage or even to be carried onto public transportation.

[Source: BMW Blog]

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