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BMW to showcase its Remote Valet Parking Assistant at CES 2015

While companies like Volvo and Google are working on their self-driving cars which seems pretty cool, BMW is currently working on a features which could allow you to summon your car to you, somewhat like what Batman or the Nightrider does in the movies.

bmw valet
Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were about to leave a restaurant and with a few taps on your smart-watch, you could have your car roll up to you instead of walking through a potentially dangerous and dark parking garage or lot? German Luxury car manufacturer BMW is hoping to achieve just that and show it off at the upcoming 2015 CES Trade Show in Las Vegas.

The car manufacturer will show off their Remote Valet Parking Assistant that can basically summon the car to a particular location. The technology used with this new feature is similar to Audi’s new technology, which will only work if the venue is outfitted with laser scanners, while BMW’s solution will work with pretty much any structure, as long as its blueprints are available.

It’s a pretty cool concept, just wait until January 2015 to see if they can make it happen. We will could the CES 2015 right here on and should have some details if the feature is showcased by BMW.

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