BodyGuardz for the BlackBerry Pearl Review

BodyGuardz for the BlackBerry Pearl
A few weeks back we received this BodyGuardz Scratch-proof transparent film in the Loopy mailbox for review. The BodyGuardz package consisted of 2 complete set of transparent protective film for a Blackberry Pearl, the package also includes a Application Solution, squeegee card and instructions to apply it to the device.

If you are wondering what is a protective film, it is a clear film that covers the body of a device which provides exterior scratch protection on your device from whatever could scratch your device such as unexpected drops, keys and other instruments that could make scratch marks. There are alot of scratch protective films out there but the question is which of them really works.

Application Instructions
There are parts which custom fits to each part of the BlackBerry Pearl so it all depends on which part you want to start with.

1. First of all make sure that your device is off and thoroughly cleaned. (You will need to do this or else all the thumb and finger spots will be shown underneath the protective film after you apply it, that’s what happened to me and I wasted one set of the protective film ). Then uses the application solution to wet your hands and whenever you are using them.

BodyGuardz for the BlackBerry Pearl

2. Lay the phone (or whatever device) on a clean and level surface, then gentle lay the piece on the device. If it wasn’t positioned right, just lift the piece and re-spray it before laying it back on the device.

3. Use the squeegee card to get out all the air bubble and the application solution underneath the protective film, for best result start from the middle so you don’t stretch the film. If you don’t get out the application solution then the moisture left underneath the film will make it look foggy. (Another mistake I made because I didn’t think I need to read instructions.) Anyhow according to the instructions on the package the moisture will dry out in 12-24 hrs.

It will take up to 10 minutes for the pieces to set properly.

Application Video
Not done by us, but just added it for users who may need the visual support.

Application Photos

Today is actually 4 weeks after the application was done but I never written anything because of observation of the film pieces. I wanted to see if any of the pieces would peel off like a protective shield I bought for a laptop last year (not calling any names). It is still sticking to the phone and practically looks as if there is nothing on it.

Unfortunately I lost that Blackberry Pearl in the pictures because after numerous drops to see if the phone would scratch but it didn’t, instead the trackball of the phone stopped working.

This protective film really works, LoopyGadgets endorses it 100%. You can get it at

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  1. Wow. I have seen other protective layers used. I know it is not easy to handle especially when you are trying to get read of the bubbles. Areas have to be indeed clean along with the device ron.. bodyguardz. to d werl

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