Bonitor Launches the MP201 and MP301 Mini Projectors

Bonitor MP201
Today we see another unveiling of two mini projectors, these two new projectors are the MP201 and MP301 Mini Projectors from Bonitor. They both sport features which includes 15 lumens brightness, 1.57/1.62 throw ratio, LED Backlight and a 640×480 resolution with a 4:3 display aspect ratio.

The MP201 (the one above) was designed and is targeted at users of Cell Phones, Portable Media Players, Gaming Consoles and device of that sort because it only offers Composite Video inputs.

The Bonitor MP301 on the other hand was designed to be used with a Desktop or Notebook Computer. The MP301 is powered via a USB port and will accept VGA inputs. It measures 62×90x20mm and weighs a mere 80g, how did they add the built-in speaker and battery. The Bonitor MP201 measures 60×113x18mm and weighs 160g.

The MP201 and MP301 Mini Projectors are priced at $289 and $249 respectively.

MP301 Mini Projector

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