Bookeen to release the Cybook Odyssey e-Reader with WiFi Connectivity

Cybook Odyssey e-ReaderA French Firm called Bookeen has announce its plans to reveal a new e-reader device called the Cybook Odyssey. The new e-Reader is powered by a 800 MHz Texas Instruments processor along with a 6-inch Touchscreen E Ink display that utilizes High Speed Ink System Technology and it also supports WiFi connectivity which allows the users a more useful browsing experience and thanks to the High Speed Ink System Technology, you can actually move the page around without having to wait for the slow e-ink refresh rate to catch up to your speed.

It comes with a few buttons on the device and a really sleek design, it is expected to hit shelves in Europe in the coming weeks but thats the bad news, it may not leave Europe at all. No pricing information has been found on the new Cybook Odyssey e-Reader with WiFi Connectivity.

Source: Bookeen

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