iPhone 4S Jailbreak

Boost Mobile may get the iPhone 4S in September

We can definitely tell that the launch of the iPhone 5 is imminent because pre-paid networks on the U.S. market are now announcing that they will be offering the iPhone 4S soon.

Cricket recently announced that they will start offering the iPhone 4S as well as its predecessors starting on June 22, which will make Cricket the first pre-paid carrier to offer Apple Smartphones.
iPhone 4S Jailbreak
There’s also rumors circulation that other pre-paid networks will be competing against Cricket with the iPhone 4S. The rumors states that iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 will be available on Boost Mobile later this year, according to what a “trusted source” told TechnoBuffalo.

If this is accurate then we can expect to see Boost Mobile offering the iPhone by early September. Now users who still want to own an iPhone but didn’t want to get tied down with a contrast can get one without the contrast. There’s no word how much Boost Mobile will be selling the iPhone for but if it is true, they should be making the announcement by the end of July or so.

[Via: PhoneArena]

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