Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System

Bose SoundDock Portable
Bose presents the SoundDock Portable Digital Music System which was built for travel and at-home convenience. It features a slim design, built-in carry handle and a rotating iPod docking station which can be folded in when your are ready to take it with you.

The Bose SoundDock Portable was made for iPod Media Player but it will work for the iPhone just the same. It doesn’t Dock and Charge your iPod alone it also offers more efficient and higher quality audio reproduction than many other battery-powered iPod speaker systems. There is also an Auxiliary input which lets you connect your DVD player, CD Player or MP3 Player.

The Bose SoundDock also comes with a Remote Control that gives the user the capability to navigate the iPod’s Playlist while its in the dock. The Bose SoundDock is available for $359.00 with payments of $29.92 per month.

Bose SoundDock

Bose SoundDock Portable

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