Bowers & Wilkins intros its PM1 Compact Loudspeaker

Bowers & Wilkins has announced the launch of its PM1 Compact Loudspeaker that features a retro-look and design, it also comes featuring the company’s new Carbon Braced tweeter that was designed to push sound quality well above the upper limits of the audible range. The tweeter mechanism is mounted on top of the PM1 and it uses a Nautilus tapering tube, it has an aluminum dome that is strategically stiffened with a ring of filament-wound carbon fibre that raises the break-up frequency of aluminium to 40kHz.

The loudspeaker uses the Bowers & Wilkins Matrix bracing system for more rigidity, they also used Oxygen Free Copper terminals and Mundorf M-Cap Supreme capacitors to maintain the full clarity of the signal. It was designed with a mushroom-shape so that there is a tight fit inside the voice coil former which helps to damp the motion of the former.

Bowers & Wilkins intros its PM1 Compact Loudspeaker
Bowers & Wilkins seems to have put alot of work into this new compact loudspeaker as they aren’t letting it go for a few bucks. If you have plans to own the PM1 Compact Loudspeaker from Bowers & Wilkins then be prepared to spend $2800 for a pair and if you want the dedicated stand that will set you back $500 on each pair.

PM1 Audio LoudSpeaker

Source: Bowers & Wilkins

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