Brother PJ-673 Compact Wi-Fi PocketJet Printer

Brother has announced a new portable printer, so compact that it will fit in your pocket. Introducing the new PocketJet Series from Brother, the unit goes by the model name PJ-673 and measures only 255mm x 255mm x 40mm and a weight of only 480 grams.

Brother PJ-673 Compact Wi-Fi PocketJet PrinterThe new Brother PJ-673 has the ability to print A4 size documents up to 300dpi plus it also has the option to connect to your gadgets using WiFi 802.11 or Bluetooth connectivity, IrDA or USB port. The compact printer is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS operating systems.

Brother plans to release the new PJ-673 compact Wi-Fi PocketJet printer starting in October of this year. No pricing details has been released regarding the new portable printer.

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