Buffalo 2TB Dual-Drive LinkStation NAS Storage Solution

Buffalo LinkStation LS-WSX2.0TL NASBuffalo Technology has announced its newest addition to its LinkStation family of storage solution with the new 2TB Dual-Drive LinkStation NAS. It has been given the model name LinkStation LS-WSX2.0TL/R1, it measures 40 x 82 x 135 mm and by guessing its not important how much it weighs as it wasn’t developed to be on the go. It comprises of two 1TB 2.5-inch hard drives set in RAID 0 which promises a total of 2TB of platter space.

Specification-wise it comes with Gigabit Ethernet port, USB 2.0 connectivity, power port for powering up and it can be used as DLNA server, an iTunes server or for BitTorrent downloads and data backup. The LinkStation LS-WSX2.0TL/R1 with 2TB of storage capacity is scheduled for debut on the Japanese market in mid-August, it will be available in two different colors, Black Sapphire and Pearl White for the price of approximately $450.

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