Buffalo BSMBU09 Wired Optical Mouse with BlueLED Technology

With the immense amount of wireless mouse available on the market today, it would leave to believe that wired mouse was obsolete but that’s sure not stopped Buffalo from launching new ones. The latest Wired Mouse from Buffalo to be launched on the Japanese Market is called the Buffalo BSMBU09.

Buffalo BSMBU09 Wired Mouse
The Buffalo BSMBU09 Wired Mouse is pretty compact as any wireless mice, it measures 76mm x 115mm x 40mm and features a 5-button design. It comes with a USB 2.0 connector and supports the same interface, it has a 1000dpi resolution and utilizes the company’s BlueLED Sensor which enables the device to work on most surface which the convention optical mouse would not.

The Buffalo BSMBU09 Wired Optical Mouse with BlueLED Technology is expected to go on sale in late march for the price of 2,660 Japanese YEN which is approximately $32 in USD currency, the BSMBU09 comes in six color options including silver, black, white, blue, pink and green.

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