Buffalo HD-LXU3 and HD-LXVU3 External Hard Drives

Buffalo HD-LXU3 and HD-LXVU3 External Hard DrivesBuffalo Technology has announced its new HD-LXU3 and HD-LXVU3 External Hard Drives. Both drives measures 39 x 123 x 189 mm and weight 1kg, it comes with built-in fan, it features USB 3.0 connectivity, it comes with internal rubber mounts that reduce vibrations and a all-black coating.

The HD-LXU3 and HD-LXVU3 comes bundled with the eco Manager software which helps reduce power consumption by up to 70% and also comes with the Turbo PC EX application for increased transfer speeds. The HD-LXU3 comes in 1TB and 2TB storage capacities while the HD-LXVU3 comes in 3TB storage options.

Both the 1TB and 2TB HD-LXU3 Hard Drives are presently available for the price of $178 and $232, respectively while the 3TB will goes for the price of $316.

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