Buffalo LS-XL Series USB/FireWire External Hard Drive

Buffalo LS-XL Series USB-FireWire External Hard DriveBuffalo announced its new LS-XL Series of external hard drive which supports both USB and FireWire connectivity. The new LS-XL Series storage solution comes in the storage capacity of 1TB, 2TB and 3TB models, they can be connected using a Gigabit Ethernet connection, FireWire or USB, there is also the option to use it as a backup device for your smartphone using the WebAccess i app for the iPhone or the WebAccess A app for the Android platform. The Buffalo LS-XL Series also acts as a DLNA server and can be used to play media files such as photos, videos and music using a DLNA-compatible TV.

The Buffalo LS-XL Series is expected to be launched this July 2011 for the price of 17,000 Yen for the 1TB model, 22,000 Yen and 28,000 Yen, respectively.

Buffalo LS-XL Series USB-FireWire External Hard Drive

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