Buffalo SRMB02 Wireless Mouse

Buffalo SRMB02 Wireless Mouse with Optical BlueLED Sensor

Buffalo SRMB02 Wireless Mouse
Buffalo has introduced its new SRMB02 Wireless Mouse for the Japanese market. The Buffalo SRMB02 is an optical wireless nano mouse that operates on a 2.4GHz wireless frequency which will keep the peripheral connected for up to 10 meters away from your Notebook, Netbook or PlayStation 3 Gaming Console and has an ambidextrous 3-button design with a matte surface.

The SRMB02 features an optical BlueLED sensor which delivers high sensitivity thus enabling the device to work on surface the conventional mouse cannot. It requires a tiny nano receiver to connect to your computer, it uses the USB 2.0 interface and also comes with “Simpring” support which enables the wireless mouse to connect to five devices at the same time using just one USB port.

The new Buffalo SRMB02 series will be available in the colors of pink (SRMB02PK), silver (SRMB02SV), black (SRMB02BK), white (SRMB02WH), blue (SRMB02BL), and green (SRMB02GR).

[via Buffalo]

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