Buzzam Radio App launches in iTunes Store

Oklahoma City-based startup Buzzam today launched its new personalized, activity- and location-aware radio app in the iTunes store. The new app goes by the name Buzzam Radio which delivers the best of traditional radio with your favorite music and they even go beyond music to bring you textual updates from Facebook and Twitter.

Buzzam Radio AppBuzzam creates a personalized feed of the unique music, social feeds, news, weather and traffic that an individual wants. The app is also activity aware and, by using GPS technology, can tell what time and in which direction a person is driving.

Streamlined personalization is a growing expectation for consumers,” said Josh Wright, CEO of Buzzam. “People design their own clothing, computers, furniture, food and cars online. There are personalized digital magazines and books, cars that read text messages, and 3D printers that can build almost anything. So we thought, ‘Why shouldn’t your radio be custom too?’

The new Buzzam app is now available from the Apple iTunes Store and it won’t cost you a cent to download.

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