Cadillac 2014 ELR Electric Coupe

Its nothing compared to the BladeGlider electric sportscar that Nissan will be unveiling at the Tokyo Auto Show, but it’s definitely worth mentioning as an awesome hybrid vehicle.

Cadillac ELRCadillac has recently announced its all-new ELR extended range Electric car, it might not be as cool as the Batmobile, however if you are a tree-hugger then that will satisfy your more environmental side. With an electric propulsion system and on-board, range-extending, gas-powered generator, it’s safe to say provocative design and progressive technology have never coexisted so effortlessly.

This all-new two-door Electric sedan has already been turning heads, even though its not available in the market, the Cadillac ELR has already won a few awards which includes the Eyeson Design Award and was also voted onto Vanity Fair’s “13 Hottest Car Design” list at the Detroit Auto Show.

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