California Silverado Over-Ear Headphones with Titanium Drivers

The California Headphone Company just unveiled its latest addition to their line of headphones, the California Silverado headphones that are available for the price of $226 per unit. “Our Natural Vocal Centered audio technology uses metal sound chambers with titanium drivers to create a rich, punchy sound signature that brings the vocals to the front, makes acoustic guitars resonate, and snare drums pop!”… the California Headphone Company explained.

California Silverado Over-Ear HeadphonesWhat makes these different from the average headphones is that the California Silverado headphones are constructed from die-cast sound chambers and are equipped with 280 degree articulating hinges, they come equipped with 40mm Titanium (1-9/16?) Drivers and offers a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz.

Other specifications of the headphones includes a collapsible tri-fold design for easy carrying while on-the-go, it has duo-jack removable cord plugs, it’s cable is finished with a knitted zebra cloth as well as adjustable head band making it a one-size fit all device. The company now has the units available and it can be found on their website for $225.95.

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