Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector for Large Venues

Canon LV-7590 Multimedia Projector for Large Venues
Canon rolls out its new LV-7590 Multimedia Projector that is ideal for large venues such as school auditoriums, showrooms, large conference rooms, art galleries, museums and small theaters. The Projector offers a 1800:1 contrast ratio and a 7000 lumens brightness, there are also other features which includes a XGA 1024×768 resolution, 10-bit digital video processing, 3-D Digital Noise Reduction, plus connectivity ports for DVI-D, D-sub, Component / Composite, S-video inputs, 5BNC terminal and a RS-232 port.

The Projector boasts the Auto-Winding Filtering System with a cartridge-type air filter that automatically advances the filter when needed and can be used for up to 10,000 hours before a new filter is needed. The LV-7590 offers five optional lenses, including an Ultra Wide-Angle Lens (LV-IL01); Wide-Angle Zoom Lens (LV-IL02); Long-Focus Zoom Lens (LV-IL03); Ultra Long-Focus Zoom Lens (LV-IL04); and a 1.3x Zoom Lens (LV-IL05).

The LV-7590 Projector is scheduled for release at the end of August for a price of $8,999.

Source: TechFresh

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