Cheaters rejoice the iPhone 5S comes with Fingerprint Scanner

Apple’s new iPhone 5S comes with a security feature which has all the unfaithful partners now rejoicing, as their partners will no longer have the opportunity to go through their phones without their consent. It has been only a few days since Apple announced the new iPhone 5S specifications and already i’m hearing people saying that they will get it just for that security feature alone.

Apple iPhone 5S with Touch IDThe company announced the new feature called the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and that it would read fingerprints at a highly detailed level, with a capacitive sensor at 170 microns thin and a 500 ppi resolution, there’s definitely now bypassing that, until someone comes up with “an app for that”. There’s basically one way of getting around the Touch ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S, and that’s waiting until the person falls asleep and use his/her print to open the screen.

iPhone 5SI’m planning on acquiring the new iPhone 5S once its available on a carrier of my choice, and I will definitely be doing some “Ocean’s 11” type experiments to see the easiest ways to bypass the fingerprint scanner. Apple iPhone 5S users will only be safe in the initial stages before there’s someone out that will figure a way to bypass this feature….. soon!!

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